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The Walking Dead

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Publisher : Image Comics
Released : May 04, 2013
Author : Robert Kirkman
Artist, Inker, Cover : Charles Adlard
Colorist : Cliff Rathburn
Letterer : Rus Wooton

Editor : Sean Mackiewicz
This special Walking Dead issue contains a new Tyreese short story, a fan-favorite character who just made his television debut in The Walking Dead Season 3! It also reprints short stories featuring Michonne, The Governor and Morgan. This special issue is a must-have for fans of The Walking Dead — as none of these stories will be reprinted in the trade paperbacks!

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Batman of Shanghai

Atualizado 31/01/2013

All credit to CN!
Batman of Shanghai is a series of animated shorts from the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, presenting a unique re-imagining of the Batman universe in a heavily stylized form, set in a 1930’s era Shanghai.